Crafting livestreams 🔴

It’s been a year since I’ve started the channel aaaand I’m super excited for the 569 (noice) followers and a solid & wholesome community it turned out to be! 🙂 We’re also affiliates wohoo!

From zero to hero:

Sometimes hosted, sometimes from my own channel… I use to livestream my working proccess on Twitch TV, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram plaforms, so the curious people can see how I sculpt, mould and build props & costumes.


  • My Twitch.TV Channel:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Instagram account:
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Are you interested on seeing them out of the screen?  I can also perfom this live on any convention, so if you want to recommend me for a demonstration of materials and techniques, pleas echeck my «contact» form above! 🙂

Happy crafting!