About me


My name is Ana María, aka Luzbel d’Auvergne! I am a crafter, makeup artist and cosplayer from Madrid, Spain. I’ve been sculpting my whole life, painting & writing but  since 2015, that I got into cosplay, I didn’t get the strength to make a living from art. I love making replicas and costumes from videogames, anime and fantasy – scifi movies.

Over the last few years I’ve been working as a prop maker and makeup artist, taking commissions, judging contests, giving workshops and  I have a passion for crafting and creating and as long as I am able to do so I will never stop!


  • Prop making, Mould-making & resin casting
  • FX makeup, bodypainting
  • Wig styling & hair sewing
  • Animatronics & electronics
  • Digital edit & SEO
  • Latex, silicone, foam latex and gelatin prosthetics


I had the pleasure to be a convention guest & judge for near 10 conventions across Spain, with 3 new dates confirmed for 2023.

I also started to compete at many local cosplay competitions, here are some of the competitions I have won :

  • Liara T’Soni – 1st at FX Makeup – Japan Weekend 2017
  • Dragon Blood Armor Shepard – 1st at Armors – Newskill 2017
  • Winner team at Cosplay Masters live cosplay making – Manga-o-Rama 2017
  • Best wigmaking prize at cosplay catwalk – Japan Weekend 2019
  • Bronze at Standard miniature painting cometition – Freakwars 2022
  • Propmaking live competition winner & FEROCA ambassadorship for a year – Freakwars 2022

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