[ENG] Review: D.Va (Overwatch) zentai from Herostime & Gunhead designs

I fist wore a zentai thanks to Florencia Sofen, who lent me her Silk costume for BOOM!Film&Comic Con in Vigo (Spain) from Herostime when we were invited and we wanted to stay compfy. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFXFA2ABHvr/

I’m absolutely amazed about how it feels. I feel that now I’m not in my best physical shape, so I try to avoid revealing costumes but this one doesn’t point out the parts of my body that I’m not happy with right now, and boost my confidence about my body. I love to make armors and props, but I’m a disaster sewing so wearing D.Va this easy made me really happy, since she’s my second most used character in OW (I’ve spent near 40 hours using her).


Quality of shadows / logos printed in it. Also, I use the washing machine every use I make of it and it keeps as bright as the first day. Shipping was fast and the site was able to solve all my doubts through email also quickly.
WM__nerfthis_dva_beta 2.jpg

Worst: the little joints on the sews
may come a little baggy, but fortunately it doesn’t affect the pattern.


Tip 1: Order it for one size below your measures, since it is really elastic and it suits better when it’s tight. The best choice for traveling to conventions outside your city without carrying a lot of cosplay stuff that could suffer an accident or get lost.



Tip 2: If you want to make add-ons, magnets work surprisingly well and makes it easy to take parts off and wash it as usual. I tried it for D.Va’s buttons and looked good 🙂 Also to give a little pump on the wrists, I put a little foam bracelets that fitted perfectly with the zentai’s design.


Have you ever tried on one of this? let me know your impressions in the comments! You can grab this costume and more at Herostime.com website.